We’re Late… But We Made It Launching BALLPRK #ZeroToOne

The journey wasn’t always pretty, and at times it felt like we were stuck in mud, but in the end… we made it.

Launching BALLPRK and getting the first iteration of our product to market is a huge milestone for our team. The way our group came together over the final few days to push each other across the finish line was teamwork at its finest. This feeling of unity didn’t feel too different from being part of my high school soccer team; pushing through a bloody rivalry game for a W. The relationships we’re building here at BALLPRK feel similar to the ones built between teammates over a long season. I guess that’s what happens when you stay up 72 hours straight together testing and resolving defects over cold take-out.

Since we first started building the BALLPRK team back in late 2016, we’ve worked tirelessly to launch this beta version so that we could make this feel real for you too. I hope we’ve accomplished that. We knew we needed to bring you something you could connect with, something that would establish our base of early adopters and quell any of our doubters.

Building trust and legitimacy with early adopters is one of the hardest challenges for any tech start-up to overcome. Why? Well, these things tend to come and go. Since the tech boom in 2000, when that thing called the Internet became everyone’s new favorite toy, over 92% of start-ups have failed. Founding teams often fall apart within their first year. I would know, I’ve contributed to that data. Of that 92%, just over 50% fail within their first six months. Those are chilling stats, and they’ve been built up over a period of 17 years… I think only the Cleveland Browns have a worse losing percentage over that timeframe.

And it’s not just a trend – getting start-ups off the ground and making them stick around is tough. It’s intimidating… but I love the challenge. It’s what gets my blood pumping. Just like you, our team needs to keep improving everyday – pounding the rock – if we’re going to see our vision through. We’ll have to endure countless ups and downs, and we hope you’ll be by our side, sticking through the journey with us.

Getting our current product into market is something we’re incredibly proud of. Over 75% of start-ups are never able to do it. Most teams simply don’t have the drive and will to stick together through the time it takes to build it. Or, they release one that doesn’t resonate with their audience (i.e. it looks decent and it works, but you can’t actually do anything with it). Our product still has a long way to go – it’s nowhere near where we want it to be and it’s on us to make it better – but having it in-market so that you can start to interact with it is a huge step forward. Your feedback in these early stages of our journey is invaluable in shaping our road ahead.

​​As always, feel free to shoot us an e-mail or a text if you have any comments or ideas on how we can improve BALLPRK. Talking to all of you is the best part of our job.

In the meantime, we’ll be working hard to grow this thing.​

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